Murray Sabrin Likes Ron Paul, Supports John McCain?

This story broke in February, but many people missed it. For those of you who don’t know Murray, he is currently campaigning for Senate in New Jersey. A traditional conservative who opposed the war, Murray occasionally rode on the coat tails of the Ron Paul Presidential Grassroots campaign, accepting Ron’s endorsement, even appearing at the April 15th Tax rally. His website talks about the Ron Paul campaign on many levels. In early February, this statement was released:

As a proud conservative Republican who has donated to, campaigned for, and supported such solid conservatives like Scott Garrett, Steve Lonegan, Jay Webber and Bret Schundler, I will support the Republican Presidential nominee if it is John McCain.

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Now, I understand this politically, however Ron Paul is still in the race. Chuck Baldwin and Bob Barr are poised to run very successful 3rd party races. Why would you take up the party banner when your party has decided to leave you behind?

I like Murray Sabrin, but I’m still questioning this one and I know of many Ron Paul supporters who will be surprised when they hear of this.

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