McCain Facing Uphill Battle

Though he is considered the presumptive nominee for the Republican party, Senator McCain is finding opposition on every side. He’s already trading barbs with the assumed Democratic nominee, Barack Obama, but further competition is emerging from the right.

Supporters and delegates for Congressman Ron Paul continue to garner more delegates for the good doctor, determined to have a presence at the GOP Convention in Minnesota this September. Having earned a million votes thus far, no one can deny that Dr. Paul is a force to be reckoned with.

But there is another contender- Congressman Bob Barr. Already labeled the “clear front-runner” for the LP by various columnists, Barr will pose a serious problem to McCain as he siphons away disaffected conservatives from the run-amok GOP. The Democrats, however, also have reason to be concerned about a Barr candidacy. His firm stance against the Iraq war and continued commitment to the protection of civil rights will draw a share of traditional Democrat voters as well.

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Mr Barr’s critique of Mr McCain’s support for strong central government and reluctance to support further tax cuts will strike a chord with many Republicans, and is significant because in a tightly contested presidential election just a small number of votes can determine the outcome in crucial states. The quirks of the US electoral system, where the presidency hangs on victory in a handful of swing states, mean that for all the billions spent on electioneering by the main parties, the identity of the next president could rest in part on the performance of the thrice married 59-year-old maverick.

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