Kent Snyder 1959 - 2008

Kent was a huge inspiration and hero to many people here at United Liberty. His teachings through numerous appearances at Freedom 21 Santa Cruz Radio helped simplify and instill a strong libertarian foundation, showing us the light if you will, that is still growing to this day. Without this great man I would simply not be here today doing what little I am able to do for this great cause.

I agree wholeheartedly with Justine Lam who said it simply “Kent Snyder is my hero”.

This is a short video that we put together as we are working on the new site. Please check out the site and donate to his medical fund. Kent did not have medical insurance due to a pre-existing condition and his family is now having to face a bill of over $400,000. This man helped create the Ron Paul Revolution, and quite frankly, many of us would still be ‘stuck in the matrix’ without him.

Please donate today.


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