Ron Paul to Announce Support for Presidential Candidate in September. Will not support John McCain.

Looks like we will be waiting to hear about who Ron is supporting until September. He did clearly state that he was simply not going to support John McCain. Of course, we knew that Ron would not be supporting John McCain considering they differ on nearly every issue.

I know many of us here would have loved to see a Paul/Barr ticket but that time has come and gone. The next best thing as far as we can see would be Ron supporting Bob - giving a big boost to the Libertarians going into November. No, I don’t think that a Barr/Baldwin ticket is reasonable either - they both have their running mates now. It also is becoming fairly clear that based on income as well as media exposure - Barr is more poised to be an effective vehicle for the Freedom message.  Any endorsement from Paul would really unify the Freedom movement in a big way, so we can focus on the message rather than the men.

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