Young People Find Obama “Way Cooler” than McCain

This article falls into the “duh!” category.  I can’t imagine that anyone read the title of this article and exclaimed in disbelief.

“Obama is a tad cooler than McCain on probably 57 fronts,” said Emily Goulding, 25, of Los Angeles. “Obama’s better looking than McCain, Obama’s more stylish than McCain, Obama’s more fit than McCain. He refers to better music than McCain.”

“Obama’s big with the kids, everyone knows that,” said Tom Johnson, 21, of Norfolk, Va. “McCain — that guy’s not cool. I just can’t call McCain cool.”

“It’s got to be Obama,” said David Munn, 20, of Keene, N.H. “He’s younger, I think he has more of a connection with my generation. I just think he communicates better to my generation, especially with issues in Iraq. (McCain) is all right, but not as cool as Obama.”

Author, Whitney McFerron, questions though, whether Obama’s age is really a factor, citing the large 20-something following that septuagenarian Ron Paul amassed during his presidential bid.  One young “hottie” showed up at the Birmingham Gun Show with a shirt that read, “Ron Paul is sexy”.  That’s a bit of a stretch, but it seems to prove his age was not an issue with the youngest of his followers.

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