Dem Picking Sabrin’s Primary Opponent

News from the Sabrin campaign-

As if the Republican U.S. Senate campaign could not get any more bizarre (we know we have repeated this line for 3 months) - it has! A major Democratic Fat Cat and fundraiser will select who runs against Dr. Murray Sabrin in the REPUBLICAN primary! See the press release below and please remember THIS IS NOT FICTION!


News Release
For immediate Release - April 10, 2008
Contacts:Sabrin for Senate - George Ajjan @ (201) 332-3422 or
Democratic Fat Cat Selects NJ GOP Senate Candidate
Unanue Quits Campaign And Goes Back On Vacation

Jersey City, NJ - New Jersey conservative Republican leader Dr. Murray Sabrin, the Garden State’s strongest advocate of limited government and individual freedom and candidate for United States Senate, reacted to Andy Unanue quitting his campaign for U.S. Senate and revealed Unanue’s Committee to replace him on the ballot. The three-person Committee on Vacanies includes major Democractic Fat Cat, Rafael Cuellar, Lobbyist and Bergen County Chairman, Rob “Pay-to-Play” Ortiz, and Anne Estabrook’s campaign manager, Mark Duffy. The Committee on Vacancies will select who will replace Andy Unanue.

Dr. Murray Sabrin said, “Tom Wilson and the failed Republican Leadership are now relying on a major Democratic Fat Cat to decide who should run in the Republican Primary for United States Senate. This would be comical if America wasn’t at war, dealing with a recession, and 4,000 New Jersey families weren’t preparing to send loved ones to fight another country’s civil war!”Sabrin continued, “This highlights the vacuum of leadership within the New Jersey Republican Party. New Jersey and our nation are facing serious problems and that is why I have proposed the Sabrin Solution to these issues. Whoever this major Democratic Fat Cat wants to run against me - I welcome the challenge and he should be prepared to debate me on the issues. I am confident the voters will respond to my message of Legalizing Freedom.”

Sabrin Communications Director George Ajjan responded to rumors Tom Wilson and Rafael “Fat Cat” Cuellar have asked Dick Zimmer to run instead of Andy Unanue, “At least we know Tom Wilson and this major Democratic Fat Cat are up to ‘Z’ in their rolodex. The last time Dick Zimmer lived in New Jersey he lost to Senator Bob Toricelli and Congressman Rush Holt - that’s an easy record to run against. Even the “Fat Cat’s” mom gave money to Senator Bob Toricelli.”

Democratic Fat Cat, Rafael Cuellar, has donated over $5,500 to Democratic Senator Robert Menendez and over $8,500 to Democratic Congressman Bill Pascrell over the years. Daisy Cuellar donated $1,000 to Senator Bob Toricelli. “Fat Cat” Cuellar is the President and CEO of ECO & Sons, which operates a 13,500 square foot supermarket in Passaic, New Jersey.

Murray Sabrin is a successful entrepreneur working in commercial real estate, portfolio management, and economic research. Murray is an author, TV and radio commentator, and Professor and Executive Director of the Center for Business and Public Policy at Ramapo College. He and his wife Florence of 39 years reside in Bergen County. For more information, please visit

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