League of Democracies

Just when I thought that McCain couldn’t become any scarier, he’s now proposing a League of Democracies to help repair America’s sullied image abroad, promote peace, and to “act where the U.N. fails to act”.


“McCain is careful to note that his proposed multinational organization would not be like Woodrow Wilson’s failed “League of Nations.” Rather, McCain says the organization would be far more similar to what Theodore Roosevelt favored—a group of “like-minded nations working together in the cause of peace.”

“Such a new body, he says, could help relieve suffering in Darfur, fight the AIDS epidemic in Africa, develop better environmental policies, and provide “unimpeded market access” to countries sharing “the values of economic and political freedom.”

Do we really need another international bureaucratic agency imposing more of our “good will” on other nations? And where in the Constitution does it allow the federal government to begin, participate or fund such an entity?

Someone needs to give Senator McCain a copy of the Constitution, or as Stephen Gordon calls it, “The Idiot’s Guide to Running the Country”.

McCain Favors a League of Democracies

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