McCain Camp Speaks Out on Biden Choice

Another Bank Fails - 9th In 2008

Market Watch is reporting that on Friday, Federal & State (Kansas) regulators shut down the 9th bank so far this year. The Columbian Bank and Trust Company was partially sold to Citizen’s Bank and will reopen Monday under that name with an influx of capital provided by the FDIC.

Mainstream Media Hostile to Barr Campaign?

There’s something very peculiar about the general media coverage of the election campaign.

While it’s strikingly obvious that a good swap of the mainstream media has fallen head over heels in love with Barack Obama, that hasn’t necessitated friendliness to the potential Republican “spoiler,” Libertarian Party candidate Bob Barr.

In an interview on CNN, anchor Kiran Chetry downplays Barr’s relevance. It’s in slight but significant ways, such as Chetry saying that Barr is only on 34 state ballots when he is in fact on nearly 40 ballots. Chetry also goes on to say that Barr is only polling at 3%, when he is in fact polling at 6%. This isn’t hostility towards Barr’s ideas, but instead hostility towards his very presence.

Review: Christopher Buckley’s “Boomsday”

For the first book review here at United Liberty, I picked Christopher Buckley’s new book Boomsday.

The protagonist of Boomsday, Cassandra Devine, in many ways bares similarities to our own fiscal hawk, Shana Kluck. A young, female political activist and blogger, Cass (as she is called for most of the book), takes the dry issue of Social Security reform and spices it up with a controversial proposal: tax breaks for families of retirees who commit suicide.

And It’s Biden

For all of you clever enough to make United Liberty your home page, you now know Senator Obama’s pick for VP.

Biden, the “safe liberal” (there’s a contradiction in terms) will do alot for the Obama ticket, but what will he do for individual liberty?

Hopefully - not too much damage.

When Government Says “Universal”…


One of the scariest words that can be coupled with “government program” is the word universal.  In the past, government run universal health care has not been popular enough in America to induce enough voters into embracing it (the same people who are in charge of FEMA, also in charge of health care? No thank you!). But now Obama is offering to “pour billions” into government-run universal Pre-K for 4-year-olds.

Mr. Obama asserted in the Las Vegas debate on Jan. 15 that every dollar spent on preschool will produce a 10-fold return by improving academic performance, which will supposedly lower juvenile delinquency and welfare use — and raise wages and tax contributions.

But are these assertions true?  Evidence, that’s largely ignored by proponents of Pre-K4, suggests otherwise.

A 2006 analysis by Education Week found that Oklahoma and Georgia (two states that embraced universal preschool 10 years or more ago) were among the 10 states that had made the least progress on NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Process). Oklahoma, in fact, lost ground after it embraced universal preschool: In 1992 its fourth and eighth graders tested one point above the national average in math. Now they are several points below. Ditto for reading. Georgia’s universal preschool program has made virtually no difference to its fourth-grade reading scores. And a study of Tennessee’s preschool program released just this week by the nonpartisan Strategic Research Group found no statistical difference in the performance of preschool versus nonpreschool kids on any subject after the first grade.

62 Agencies Needed to Secure “Democratic” Convention

The AP News is reporting about the security command center in Denver for next week’s Democratic Convention. When I saw the report I could not help but ask the question - Why do you need more security for a political convention than for the transportation of a nuclear weapon? It was only a century ago that a regular citizen could knock on the White House front door and have the President of the United States answer. The necessity and level of security for public officials seems to correlate with very high accuracy to how many of our liberties they restrict through the use of government force.

Welcome to NYC *snap*

How Significant Will the Veep Be?

John Adams once said of his position as Vice President, “My country has in its wisdom contrived for me the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived.”

While recent vice presidents such as Dick Cheney have had a lot of clout, it’s still held that the position of vice president is a limited one. Most of the policy making decisions will be carried out by the man inaugurated President next January.

Nevertheless, a great deal can be percieved about a candidate by who they choose as their running mate. Obama will likely pick a red state Democrat in order to strengthen his appeal toward conservative and moderate voters. Who McCain picks will be crucial in affirming his conservative credentials.

Glenn & Penn Discuss Barr, Paul and Politics

Wow - its amazing to see how far CNN anchor Glenn Beck has progressed over the last few years. Just months ago, every discussion on his show intertwined with foreign intervention in pursuit of terrorists Now he is, perhaps, the leading “old media” commentator on the real issues of our time- the dollar crisis, free speech, economic nationalization, and nanny-state liberalism.

Enjoy the video-


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