Barr Bares His Funny Bone

Revealing his comedic genius, Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Bob Barr, made an appearance in Philadelphia at a comedy show benefiting ill children.  Quite often, Bob has been described in articles as “dry and humorless”, but just a few minutes spent in his presence proves this to be an inaccurate assessment.  Between his dimpled grin and self-depreciating jokes, I believe that “humorless” is an unfair characterization.

Judge for yourself-

Giuliani to Keynote Convention

The RNC has announced the lineup for their Convention and with the exception of Sarah Palin, there is not a single Conservative on the list. Party conventions are typically supposed to be a show of party-wide unity, with every faction within the party putting aside their differences to defeat their common enemies; with McCain shunning all true conservatives in order to embrace the neoconservatives, 2008 is not such a year.

If McCain hopes to earn the votes of traditional Republicans on November 4th then he should at least give them some false rhetoric and maybe a handful of convention speakers - but it appears he is not even vaguely interested in such. Below is the Republican National Convention schedule and speaker lineup.

Ron Paul’s Rally for the Republic Ticket Sales Approaching 10,000

The movement to achieve liberty in our lifetime is now reaching a critical stage, one that will act as a test for its future size and viability. While much attention is about to given to McCain and the RNC, immediately following Obama and his “trust us this time” movement, we need not waver, but rather step up our efforts to spread the idea of freedom to as many individuals as possible.

Our friends over at Campaign for Liberty have achieved something worth noting - over 9,000 ticket sales - a feat that is impressive, considering McCain allegedly struggled for months to achieve 5,000 attendees at a single event. While the sale of 9,300 tickets is a great accomplishment, we can do better.  With liberty lovers inundating a city that will be saturated with media from around the globe, now is the time to heed the call to rally and show the public Ron Paul and his followers are a viable force that is here to stay.

Ron Paul: Third Party Win is What’s Best for the Country

Though Dr. Paul has not endorsed a candidate for the November Presidential election, he has made it abundantly clear that he cannot support Senators McCain or Obama.  So what advice does he offer to his supporters?

[Paul] says his supporters “should do whatever they want.” But at a party the night before a recent rally in Washington, he told one Paulite, “The contest is to get as many votes as we can to not support the two major candidates.”

Obama Hood

Bob Barr just equated Barack Obama’s tax and spending policy with Robin Hood - robbing the loosely defined “rich” to give to the poor. Well, we decided to dust off Adobe Photoshop and come up with this:


We hope you enjoy it. Feel free to run with it yourself by downloading the PSD, please just toss a little credit our way when you do.

Bob Barr: Obama is taking ‘Robin Hood’ approach to taxes.

Bob has a great appearance on CNN talking about Government Spending, Taxes, and the reduction of our Liberties. He also has some choice comments on both Barack Obama and John McCain. The best moment came when he likened Barack Obama’s philosophic approach to wealth & taxation to ‘Robin Hood’. Catch the video below.

Ron Paul Delegates Face an Impossible Task - But Press On.

Despite the immense efforts on the part of Dr. Ron Paul’s supporters, only 88 Ron Paul delegates will be at the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis this September.  While that seems like an unimpressive number compared to the over 1,300 delegates presumptive nominee, Senator McCain, has, when the difficulties those delegates faced are factored in, it seems a miracle that Congressman Paul will have any representatives at all.

Major Parties Playing the Same Tune

A recent campaign event was held at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California. It featured the two Democratic and Republican candidates for president. However, those in charge of the event barred (no pun intended) Libertarian candidate Bob Barr from participation. Here’s the explanation by U.S. District Court Judge David Carter:

“Plaintiffs will lose out on a fair amount of exposure and the opportunity to express their views in a popular forum. On the other hand, halting this event would deny the other candidates the opportunity to be heard and would deprive the public of an opportunity to see the candidates and hear their views.

“Forcing Saddleback to include another candidate at the last moment could cause serious logistical problems and take away from the presentations of other candidate. This might well disrupt the planned presentation.”

Stop the Bailouts!

For over a century one of the fundamental discussions about public policy has been redistribution of wealth, whether it be in regards to its ethics or practicality. But - the overlooked side of the redistribution of wealth is the redistribution of debt. Nearly every problem imaginable created by the redistribution of debt is a factor worse compared to the problems created by a similarly sized redistribution of wealth. The unfortunate thing is, while the redistribution of debt (and risk) is often not politically popular, when a powerful sector (or company) needs a bailout, it is very likely to occur.

If we condemn the redistribution of wealth, we should equally condemn the redistribution of debt through government sponsored means. It’s time liberty lovers unite to stop federal bailouts of speculators and corporations.

Americans Benefit from Stronger Dollar

The pundits and politicians mocked and laughed at him.

The public brushed his comments off.

But over the last month, Ron Paul’s stance on the need to support a strong dollar has been at least temporarily exonerated by the public with the average American feeling significantly better off with the dollar’s recent rise.

While this claim is yet to be fully vindicated with consumer sentiment reports - early data and expectations are hopeful. Given the long standing fact that short term changes in consumer sentiment about the economy have a high correlation to energy prices, and that energy prices in turn have a high correlation to dollar strength (in this age of high import dependence), we will most likely see the benefits of the dollar’s recent rise (USD Index up ~8% in the last month) filter through the economy at large over the coming weeks and months.

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