Statist Duo Tap-Dance Around Abortion Issue

Abortion rights remain one of the most controversial and emotionally-driven issues in American politics.  While the most vocal are the activists on either extreme of the spectrum, they don’t speak for the every-day citizen.

Indeed, polls consistently show that most Americans strongly dislike abortion but do not want it outlawed in the early stages of pregnancy.  A large, if vaguely defined, middle group of Americans would like to see abortion vanish, but not by legal decree.- AP News


A Majority of Americans want Bob Barr in the Debates

A Zogby poll released today shows that American’s want ‘Real Choice’ in the upcoming election. The poll showed that 55% of those polled would like to see Bob Barr in the national debates, with 59% saying they would like to see Ralph Nader in the debates. In response to the outcome of this poll,  John Zogby had this to say:

“This election will be won in the political middle, and independent voters are the major prize up for grabs. It looks like independents want a full debate this fall to get a wider range of views and voices out onto the table.”

The full poll data can be viewed here.

New York Times - Put a Real Conservative on Your Op-Ed page

Neo-conservative and Iraq war architect William Kristol has had a regular spot as a columnist in the New York Times op-ed page for a few months now. Announced in late 2007, it got alot of people on the Left angry. His latest column, “Will Russia Get Away With It?” suggests that he would like the US to put its resources into putting Russia in its place.

Each time I see Kristol’s name in the Times, I have to wonder why he’s there. If the New York Times noticed that it was becoming the journal of choice for members, then they could picked from numerous conservatives with ideas that are based on destruction. Here’s a short list:

Patrick J. Buchanan - MSNBC has made him a regular commentator, so Buchanan knows how to work in left-wing environments. Buchanan already writes regular columns, so it wouldn’t be hard. They could just republish those.

The Rise of Authoritarian Capitalism?

There is a podcast which I believe readers of this blog would thoroughly enjoy. It’s called “Common Sense with Dan Carlin.” Dan Carlin refuses to label his political views along the familiar lines, but he would be best placed as a libertarian of the angrier variety. In his latest episode, “Intoxicated Priorities,” Carlin argues that together Russia and China both qualify as “authoritarian capitalism.”

The term struck me because it instantly made sense. In China, you can go to McDonald’s and get a Big Mac, buy a big screen TV and sell your used stuff on eBay. There are plenty of entrepreneurs in Moscow. The aggressive socialism of Stalin and Mao is gone. However, there isn’t personal freedom. Bloggers are jailed in China and journalists are murdered in Russia.

Revealing America’s Burden

Many of us reading liberty oriented political blogs know, at least vaguely, about the crushing size of current debt and future unfunded liabilities, but the problem unfortunately, is that most Americans are less aware about the scale and consequences, let alone necessary solutions. The producers of I.O.U.S.A. seem to believe they can play a part in the solution by bringing what politicos and economists have known for years to the public’s attention.

Gingrich: McCain/Lieberman gets Bob Barr 15%

Last night on Hannity asked Newt Gingrich:

“I am hearing some pretty credible rumors from people that know that Senator McCain has really narrowed down his selection process to about two or three people, and one of those people would be Joe Lieberman. Would that be a good choice in your view?”

Newt replied:

“Well, I like Senator Lieberman a great deal, I admire him a lot, he’d be a great Secretary of State, he’d be terrific as an Attorney General, but the idea of him being the Republican Vice President nominee would split the convention, and Bob Barr would get 15% of the vote”

Here is the clip.

McCain: “Nations Don’t Invade Other Nations”

Denouncing Russian military action against Georgia, Senator McCain said, “in the 21st century nations don’t invade other nations.”

Like Iraq?

Apparently, the Bush administration agrees:

Dr Rice said: “This is not 1968 and the invasion of Czechoslovakia, where Russia can threaten its neighbours, occupy a capital, overthrow a government and get away with it. Things have changed.”

They have?

Bob Barr is Packing Heat

When it comes to the 2nd Amendment who is the political gunslinger? Let’s go beyond the rhetoric.

It’s a question we need to look at closely, especially as the election draws near. Shutting off the media circus for a bit, lets look at these candidates strictly on issues. Then see what we come up with.

Sure enough, today we got a great article to back us up.

Kevin Tracy over at wrote a great post laying out, quite simply, why the NRA looks positioned to endorse Bob Barr. As many of you know, the NRA endorsement is something that most Republican’s sweep each year and is considered to be one of the bigger endorsements Presidential candidates seek. Bob Dole missed out on it in 1996 with his assault gun ban flip-flop, but other than that, the NRA is usually a GOP lock. This year however, the Libertarians have fielded Bob Barr, and he isn’t just a supporter of the 2nd Amendment, he’s quite a bit more…

John McCain’s Hawkish Stance Towards Russia

John McCain has long had a more confrontational stance towards Russia than President Bush. While being hawkish in some areas and situations of the world is understandable, reckless rhetoric regarding the former Soviet Union is a little frightening to some, as political analyst Bill Ballinger noted to Bloomberg News:

“Anything that tends to focus on foreign policy has to help McCain a little bit,” said Ballenger, publisher of the Lansing-based Inside Michigan Politics newsletter. “That is viewed as his strong point. Polling indicates that’s where he has an edge on Obama.”

The one possible downside for McCain, Ballenger said, is that his “saber-rattling reaction to the Russian incursion may have made some voters’ hair stand on end” and convinced them that “maybe McCain is just a little too strong.”

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