Candidate Believes “Illegals” Make “Tortillas and Trouble”

Normally we keep things pretty straight, but this video was all too funny to skip sharing with you. Pure satire, but I live in a Housing Association, and some of the people here would vote for this man.


Does Obama Have Any Opening with Young Evangelicals?

Over at the National Post, there is an article on young evangelicals that are open to voting for Barack Obama. Writer Kelly McParland focusses on two Texan evangelicals, one who supports Obama and the other who doesn’t.

Let’s be frank. The Democratic Party will never get the pro-life vote. Pro-choice activism is huge in the Democratic Party, and as a result its nominee will always (absent a dramatic ideological shift in the party) follow the NARAL line. Obama is staunchly pro-choice, going so far as once referring to a baby as a punishment.

Is China Less Free?

B/W of the Canadian National Post comes an interesting note by David Frum:

David Frum questions conventional wisdom, noting: “Most China experts — and almost all world leaders — have long predicted that the country’s economic advance would force its leaders to liberalize and democratize. That prediction is looking wrong. Indeed, the opposite seems to have happened: China today is a more politically repressive society than it was in the mid-1980s.”

The End of Taxachusetts?

Thanks to the hard work of The Committee for Small Government, the people of Massachusetts have the opportunity to change the rate of their state income tax via a ballot initiative.  And what will the new tax rate be?

A nice flat zero.

The same initiative will also end the state’s capital gains tax.  A similar measure was first introduced in 2002, and despite early polling that put the measure’s support at 34% or less, it ended up receiving 45.5% of the vote.

This time around, polls are showing a dead heat, with the initiative trailing 46 percent to 45 percent — within the margin of error.

“I don’t think there’s anyone who doubts the possibility we’re going to win this time,” says Carla Howell, chairman of the Committee for Small Government.

Is He a Republican or Democrat?

As I read through the “Issues” of US Senate Candidate Bob Conley, I became confused.  I was under the impression that he was a Democrat, running against incumbent Republican, Lindsey Graham.  But as I read his stances on several issues, it occurred to me that he was far more “Republican” than Senator Graham.

Read for yourself-

John the Maverick?

Today the Barr Campaign released a video of Bob talking about John McCain’s ‘Maverick’ credentials. I would agree with his assessment: if John McCain is a political maverick, who isn’t? Considering how many establishment candidates have been talking about ‘Changing Washington’ since the primaries, I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised.

Think Twice About Intervening in Georgia

Over the weekend Russia launched an invasion of the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

The conflict has escalated out of a dispute over the South Ossetia region, in northern Georgia, which has sought independence from Georgia. Attacks from Georgia on South Ossetian seperatists led to Russian intervention.

Is it Good that Bush is in Beijing?

Did Bush make a good decision when he decided to attend the Beijing Olympics? That’s what Nick Gillespie argues over at Reason Magazine:

China and the Media

Has anyone else found the coverage of the Olympics to be a joke? I was running errands on my lunch hour on Friday and listening to the radio, a local news/talk station. The newscast was talking about the opening of the games and how the Chinese showed off their organizational skills. This morning I was watching ESPN and they happened to cover the murder of a US citizen, and relative of a USA volleyball coach, in Beijing. The anchor referred to Beijing as one of the safest cities in the world and made a passing reference to the Chinese government’s ban on handguns.

John Edwards’ Personal Life is His Own

For my first post I thought I would talk about the big media dustup right now, which is John Edwards’ admission to an affair with Rielle Hunter. I had heard rumors about this before the story finally blew up. Pajamas Media’s podcast, “PJM Political,” had a segment on July 30 that focussed on the lack of coverage of the affair. Almost two weeks later, the story has broke out and people are getting worried. Christopher Beam at Slate worried outloud that the scandal may have a Mark Foley effect on the election, and went on to point out that John McCain didn’t have a clean marital history.

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