Possible Timeline to Pull Out of Iraq: Immunity on the Table

Speaking on condition of anonymity, officials have revealed that ongoing talks will hopefully lead to a withdrawal of US troops by October 2010.

The proposed agreement calls for Americans to hand over parts of Baghdad’s Green Zone — where the U.S. Embassy is located — to the Iraqis by the end of 2008.

U.S. acceptance — even tentatively — of a specific timeline would represent a dramatic reversal of American policy in place since the war began in March 2003.

Both Iraqi and American officials agreed that the deal is not final and that a major unresolved issue is the U.S. demand for immunity for U.S. soldiers from prosecution under Iraqi law.

Paris Has More Sense than McCain & Obama

Young People Find Obama “Way Cooler” than McCain

This article falls into the “duh!” category.  I can’t imagine that anyone read the title of this article and exclaimed in disbelief.

“Obama is a tad cooler than McCain on probably 57 fronts,” said Emily Goulding, 25, of Los Angeles. “Obama’s better looking than McCain, Obama’s more stylish than McCain, Obama’s more fit than McCain. He refers to better music than McCain.”

“Obama’s big with the kids, everyone knows that,” said Tom Johnson, 21, of Norfolk, Va. “McCain — that guy’s not cool. I just can’t call McCain cool.”

Operation: Barr Tab

Liberal blogger, Ron Mwangaguhunga, fed up with Rush Limbaugh’s perceived interference in the Democratic presidential nomination process via Operation Chaos, is ready to give the Repubs a taste of their own medicine.

I present you with OPERATION: BARR TAB, in which we help fund former Congressman and Libertarian Presidential candidate Bob Barr. You see, the better Barr does — especially in Georgia and possibly Nevada — the worse Senator John McCain does. Thanks for the idea, Rush! Join us to, so to speak, in keep that Barr fully stocked. .. Donate to the Bob Barr for President campaign here.

Karl Rove is in Contempt

Save the Bill of Rights - Sign the Petition.

Bob Barr has just announced a petition to present to the Judicial Committee asking them to restore the Bill of Rights through any and every means at their disposal. Including a Congressional Inquiry of Impeachment to limit and reduce the Executive’s overreaching powers.

Great Pain at the Gas Pumps

Perhaps no issue places our economy in a pinch and our foreign standing in peril, more than issues concerning oil. The price of a barrel of oil fluctuates, but consistently climbs as the downward fluctuation is always higher than the last low price.

Granted, gas prices at the pump are not going to go down quickly, but we do need to consider how we have found ourselves at the place where we are, so that we might evaluate a sound approach to the issue. Consider the following issues:

1) Primarily due to lack of tax incentives and stringent environmental regulations, we have not seen a new refinery built in the US in the last ten years. At the same time, a new refinery is built every two years in the Middle East.

Ron Paul to Announce Support for Presidential Candidate in September. Will not support John McCain.

Looks like we will be waiting to hear about who Ron is supporting until September. He did clearly state that he was simply not going to support John McCain. Of course, we knew that Ron would not be supporting John McCain considering they differ on nearly every issue.

Bob Barr Not Allowed to Speak in Kentucky

They were not allowed to speak even though the invitation allowed any candidates “Running for Kentucky or National Office” because they were not from one of the main political parties.

The Time for Liberty

The Barr Campaign has just released a new video entitled ‘The Time for Liberty’. It illustrates very beautifully what our country is up against, and how our freedoms have been encroached upon for over 50 years. It has been talked about for many years, but now is the Time for Liberty. Spread this video where you can.

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