Eminent Domain Public Meeting

The Alabama Advisory Committee of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights is convening a public meeting to receive information on “Civil Rights Implications of Eminent Domain Policies and Practices in Alabama.” It will be held on Tuesday, April 29 at the historic Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, 16th Street and 6th Avenue, Birmingham, Alabama.

Among those who will testify are legal experts, property owners, and concerned citizens. They will also include minority property owners in Alabaster who lost their land to make way for a Wal-Mart. The meeting will convene from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. An open session in the afternoon from 4:15 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. will provide an opportunity for members of the general public to provide comments.

Paul Supporters Take Over Nevada GOP Convention

Ron Paul supporters showed up en mass- a very, very organized mass- at the Nevada GOP convention and set themselves up to claim the majority of the Nevada delegates to the National GOP Convention. Of course, McCain supporters and the party establishment became overwhelmed and temporarily shut the convention down, claiming they had run out of time and had to vacate the building.

Nevada Appeal- Ron Paul supporters make mark

Las Vegas Sun-Ron Paul Campaign dominates convention

McCain’s Simple Answer for Katrina Fiasco

Senator McCain has expressed criticism of President Bush’s handling of the Katrina aftermath. He has promised that a McCain administration will handle such disasters differently, promising “Never again”, and explained how he would have responded had he been president.

“I’m just saying I would’ve landed my airplane at the nearest Air Force base and come over personally,” he said.


I’m sure that would have made all the difference in the world.

McCain sharply critical of Bush response to Katrina

We Will Not Fall in Line

While it can’t be called a resounding victory, the 128,000 votes captured by Congressman Ron Paul in the Pennsylvania primary does send the GOP establishment a message…

We will not fall in line.

When you add in the addtional 90,000 votes garnered by Governor Mike Huckabee, it’s clear that not every Republican voter is satisfied with the presumptive nominee, Senator John McCain.

Dr. Paul is closing in on nearly 1 million votes in the state primaries and caucuses and yet he is still ignored by the Old Media and seems to be given even less consideration by his own party.

Are they ignoring Dr. Paul, his message of liberty and his supporters at their own risk?

Time will tell.

Truly a “Nanny-State”

Presumptive Republican nominee, John McCain, intends to decide what toys we can and can not purchase for our children if he becomes President.

McCain Vows to Halt China Toy Imports if Child Endangered

McCain Snared in His Own FEC Trap?

Senator McCain, campaign-finance-reformer extraordinaire, may be facing charges of FEC violations for going beyond the spending cap set when a candidate accepts matching funds. McCain used the promise of claiming the matching funds, in order to secure a 4 million dollar loan last December to bolster his flagging campaign fund-raising. But after his strong showing in the Super Tuesday primaries, he sent a letter to the FEC, stating that he was withdrawing from the program. The FEC still has not met to vote on the matter, so there’s a question as to whether McCain has been excused from the program or not.

Answers from Congressman Barr

Former Congressman and possible Libertarian Presidential candidate, Bob Barr, spent a half hour answering questions posed by Garrett Michael Hayes and Doug Craig on Crazy for Liberty on AM 1320, WHIE. If you have questions about Congressman Barr, here’s a chance to get some answers.

Crazy for Liberty

B.J. Gets “Thumbs Up” From College Republicans

Fellow United Liberty.org blogger and NC Republican congressional candidate, B. J. Lawson, has received an enthusiastic endorsement from the Duke Collge Republicans.

Citing B.J.’s message of policy reform and bringing fiscal responsibility back to DC, the members of DCR believe that B.J. has a strong platform that will appeal to the district’s voters.

Read more…

Huck Campaigning for McCain

Well, so much for the HuckPAC supporting “Republican candidates who are passionate advocates for tax reform, a strong national defense, real border security, life, the family, less government and individual liberty” as he promises at www.huckpac.com.

McCain is the Republican candidate who exemplifies these things???

Who does the Huckster thinks he’s fooling?

GOP Sources: Huckabee to campaign for McCain

Huck PAC

The mystery is solved-

www.mikehuckabee.com now redirects you to www.huckpac.com

And here is what Huck PAC is all about-
“Huck PAC is founded on the principles that make America great: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. And because we believe our Republican Party embodies these ideas and is best suited to lead America forward, we are committed to supporting Republican candidates who are passionate advocates for tax reform, a strong national defense, real border security, life, the family, less government and individual liberty.

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