Todd Akin and the “War On Women”

I’m sick and tired of this “War on Women” meme. It portrays women as nothing more than helpless vaginas that need subsidized abortion, free birth control, subsidized daycare, special loans in order to start a business, special laws to negotiate a decent wage, and all sorts of things only sugar daddy government can provide. It is dehumanizing and insulting to the millions of strong, independent women everywhere and the millions of men who love them. If you want to see what a real “War on Women” looks like, here it is. Finally, just because someone opposes abortion and wants to cut government spending does not make them a misogynist. In fact, many feminists believe that women can and should stand on their own without the help of the government.

Thankfully, it was starting to go away until a moronic Senate candidate from Missouri by the name of Todd Akin had to open his mouth about legitimate rape. Since then, Democrats have seized upon the comments to once again portray Republicans as anti-woman. In the daily “Two-Minute Hate” that progressive bloggers and Internet activists wage against the Emmanuel Goldstein of AMSOC, Paul Ryan, they attempt to tie him to Akin. As of today, Senator Claire McCaskill has a 10 point lead according to a Rasmussen poll. Republicans are also worried how much damage down ballot the Akin controversy will do to other Republicans in Missouri. The Senate race is probably lost for Republicans and with it, likely any chance of taking the Senate.

The Akin comments are disgusting and extremely offensive. It is biologically incorrect for starters. A woman’s body does not “shut down” to prevent her rapist’s sperm from fertilizing an egg during a rape. Secondly, it is insulting to those women who have conceived children as a result of rape. It is in a sense telling them that they deserved it and it was their fault by claiming their rapes were not really rapes at all. Todd Akin has deserved his denunciation that he has received across the political spectrum.

Whether or not Akin should get out of the race is a decision that the Akin campaign has to make for themselves. I’m not someone who wants to defy the will of a party’s primary voters and tell them who their candidate should be. However, if I lived in Missouri, there is absolutely no way I would ever cast my ballot for Akin just based on his comments alone. His comments trivialize probably the worst thing that can ever happen to a woman. To make things worse, he was trying to score political points with those remarks by justifying his opposition to abortion even in the case of rape.

Finally, the social conservatives such as Mike Huckabee who are rallying around this man should be ashamed of themselves. This is not about abortion, this about showing some class and treating women, especially those who have been violated, with some dignity. This is not about promoting your political agenda. When Todd Akin insulted rape victims who got pregnant as a result, this ceased being about abortion and instead is now about basic human dignity. It is a shame that the guys who claim to speak for “values voters” are rallying to the defense of a man who is frankly a scumbag.

Finally, it seems some nutjobs are taking the opportunity to threaten Akin and his family. I condemn these threats as strongly as I condemn these comments. There is no room in our political discourse for death threats or threatening the rape of a politician’s wife. If this person did break the law, I hope they are punished to the fullest extent of the law.

There is no “War on Women” in American politics. Instead, we have just a man who said something very stupid and disgraceful. We need to get back to discussing the real issues facing this country, instead of creating phony culture wars that divide Americans solely for political gain.

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