Prime Time for Liberty Movement

Liberty Bell

How many of these post-mortem soundbites have you heard?

  • Where was the Tea Party this time?
  • All that campaigning from AFP and FreedomWorks wasn’t very effective.
  • Romney lost because people want free stuff.
  • Romney lost because people are uneducated.
  • Romney lost because of voter fraud.

I don’t know why Romney lost. I will leave that to smarter people than me to figure out. I will say, though, that there’s some truth in a couple of those sound bites and none in others.

The analyst in me says those things only matter to the extent we use that knowledge to win hearts and minds (and elections) in the next four years.

We have a golden opportunity right now in the conservative and libertarian movements. Don’t get me wrong, I am afraid for my financial future and the future of civil liberties (1st, 2nd, 4th Amendments for starters) after last night. But it’s the perfect time to regroup and define what I’m going to term the Liberty movement.

Liberty is a winning philosophy. It’s what America is built on. The current GOP loses because they’ve embraced judgmental social policies and haven’t differentiated themselves enough from the Dems on financial and big government-principles. A younger generation, the Paul Ryan generation of conservatives, holds a much more Liberty minded philosophy. It’s time for them to take over leadership positions on the right and start a massive education and outreach movement aimed at the 15 to 45-year-old demographic (and start a preschool and elementary school program too).

Individual liberties plus a small, non-intrusive government is a winning angle. When I talk with so-called “liberal” friends and say, “I believe the government should stay out of my bedroom AND my pocketbook,” it starts a conversation where I can go more in depth about my belief in a government run within the confines of Constitutional mandates.

Some religious conservatives believe that by giving up the GOP planks on abortion and gay marriage they are tacitly approving behavior they find morally wrong. To that I say it is okay, even preferable, to maintain Christian morals in your private life without seeking to codify them for everyone. By separating your religion and your private life you don’t nullify your religious beliefs.

If the current GOP is unwilling to shift, it is time for a new party. Time for the liberty-loving patriots who have worked hard (and for free in a lot of cases) for a group that doesn’t appreciate or listen to their suggestions to create something new.

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