Punk rock icon: Democrats are fascists

Glenn Danzig

Glenn Danzig, a punk rock icon, took a shots at Democrats and President Barack Obama during a recent interview with Minneapolis-based newspaper City Pages.

Danzig has been playing music for over 35 years, beginning in 1977 with the horror punk band the Misfits. After the breakup of the Misfits, he formed Samhain which eventually changed names to Danzig.

The comments came as when Danzig was asked about the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC), which was founded in 1985 with the help of Al and Tipper Gore. The PMRC was notorious for pushing for congressional hearings that dragged musicians —including Dee Snider of Twisted Sister and Frank Zappa — to testify about the contents of their songs. The push for censorship eventually led to record labels putting “parental advisory” stickers on controversial albums.

“Yeah, you know, Al Gore wanted to tell people what they could listen to and what they couldn’t, what they could record. It was basically coming down to the idea that he wouldn’t let anybody record any music that he didn’t think you should be doing,” Danzig told City Pages.

“There was going to be an organization that would tell you what you could and couldn’t record,” he continued. “And certainly if you couldn’t record it, you couldn’t put it out. It was really fascist.”

Danzig didn’t stop there. He called Democrats “fascists” and slammed President Obama’s drones policy.

“My view on Democrats is that they’re fascists disguised as liberals, or liberal moderates. You’re not allowed to say anything that they don’t agree with. You’re not allowed to do anything,” he said.

“Also, the whole Obama, ‘I can kill anybody with a drone with no trial,’ is kind of disturbing,” he added. “I’m surprised that more people who are supposedly liberal aren’t more disturbed by it. I think whatever Obama does is OK with them, because he’s Obama. It’s bullshit.”

This isn’t the first time that Danzig has criticized President Obama. During an appearance on Fox News’ late night show Red Eye, host Greg Gutfield asked the former Misfits frontman about the chances of him writing songs about “puppies and rainbows.”

“Maybe I’ll do a real horror record and talk about the Obama Administration,” Danzig replied in reference to the genre of punk rock he helped put on the map.

Awesome. This author is gonna go listen to his Misfits box set now.

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