Scott Rasmussen leaves Rasmussen Reports

Scott Rasmussen

Rasmussen Reports, the Republican-leaning polling powerhouse, just announced that Scott Rasmussen, the company’s founder and CEO, left last month over disagreements on “company business strategies.” The polling company’s methodology looks to remain in tact through the transition, though.

The Company emphasized that Mr. Rasmussen’s legacy remains intact.  His polling methodologies and protocols, widely acknowledged as among the most accurate and reliable in the industry, continue to guide and inform the company’s public opinion survey techniques.  In addition, the editorial culture of excellence that he built is still very much in place.

This isn’t necessarily a good thing. Though it had some success up through 2010, Rasmussen’s findings in 2012 election cycle were some of the worst in the country.

Along with Gallup, Rasmussen’s polls were the only thing keeping Republican hopes for the White House alive for much of the campaign. State level results are more mixed, of course, but with this big a shakeup, there’s always hope that a more promising direction will emerge.

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