Barack Obama’s new strategy in Iraq makes no sense

U.S. Embassy in Iraq

Just what is the strategy in Iraq?

The country is going to hell in a hand basket, and America’s strategy is to send 300 “advisers” to help the Iraqi government. The “advisers” are special forces soldiers, and, despite what President Barack Obama claims, it means troops are back on the ground in the country. This shatters Obama’s statements from 2011 and 2012 that the war in Iraq was over and troops were coming home. It isn’t a bad thing the troops were taken out of Iraq, but why are they going back?

The mission is rather nebulous as well. If anyone thinks the “advisers” are just going to sit back and relax while telling Iraqis what to do, then there’s a bridge for sale in Brooklyn. The U.S. doesn’t just send 300 special forces soldiers to do nothing. Best guess is they’ll be involved in intelligence to help the Iraqis fight the Islamic State In Iraq and Syria (ISIS). And that means they’ll probably end up in harm’s way.

But should they be on the ground in Iraq at all? Obama obviously thinks so, as does Arizona Senator John McCain and some Democrats. Those sentiments ignore comments from people who have visited Iraq and suggested otherwise. Ayub Nuri at Rudaw English writes Sunnis are mad at Shiites for using the army to crack down on them. Shiites are angry at Sunnis for Saddam Hussein’s regime. Kurds are mad at Shiites for kicking them out of the government. This is a conflict which has gone on for centuries. It will probably never end until one side wipes out the other two.

The best part is Obama’s claim that combat troops won’t be going back to the country. It’s a bold-faced lie. Obama announced earlier this week he would send 275 troops to Iraq to protect the U.S. Embassy and U.S. citizens. It’s the same embassy that was supposed to be evacuated this week. The President also told Congress the troops were “ready for combat.”

So what is the mission and what is the strategy? The entire plan makes no sense, and neither do the White House’s actions.

This just may be Vietnam all over again. It’s time to get out of Iraq and stay out of Iraq until the fight is over. Then, use free markets to help win freedom and improve the country. But only if Iraqis are willing. Until then, stay out.

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