Barack Obama hates America — that’s the only conclusion you can draw after nearly six years of terrible economic policies

This is pretty douchetastic. In an Independence Day eve speech at the DC-based tech firm 1776, President Barack Obama — the worst president since World War II — suggested that Republicans don’t have enough “economic patriotism” to work with him to get the economy moving again:

“[W]e can make even more progress if Congress is willing to work with my administration and to set politics aside, at least occasionally, which I know is what the American people are urgently looking for,” Obama said Thursday at 1776. “It’s a sort of economic patriotism where you say to yourself, how is it that we can start rebuilding this country to make sure that all of the young people who are here but their kids and their grandkids are going to be able to enjoy the same incredible opportunities that this country offers as we have. That’s our job. That’s what we should be focused on. And it’s worth remembering as we go into Independence Day.”

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

Sorry, but this is ridiculous. President Barack Obama’s idea of working with Republicans is for them to do what he wants without asking questions. He doesn’t view Congress as a coequal branch of government, but rather a minor inconvenience that he can go around pretty much whenever he wants.

What’s more, if President Obama wants to start throwing around the term “economic patriotism” so loosely, then his own record should be open for discussion. The most recent recession, for example, officially ended six years ago, in June 2008.

Since then, the economy has been stuck in a rut. We’ve seen lackluster growth, evidenced by the recent GDP report, which showed a nearly 3 percent contraction. Job growth has been mixed.

Recent monthly jobs reports have been positive, though the details show that things aren’t as good as the topline data suggest. For example, the labor force participation rate — the percentage of Americans working or looking for work — was unchanged at 62.8 percent, maintaining a 35-year low. Compare that to the pre-recession rate, which hovered above 66 percent.

While the recession was deeper than most realized at the time, the seemingly endless stream of environmental, healthcare, and financial regulations as well as new Obamacare taxes and fees and income tax increases haven’t exactly helped the get economy moving.

The United States hasn’t experienced the sort of growth that it has seen in previous recoveries. And it’s not like there aren’t lessons from the past to tell us that a mountain of new regulations, tax hikes, and stimulus measures prolong tough economic times.

Back in 2004, two UCLA economists — Harold Cole and Lee Ohanian — scrutinized Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal policies. While his administration believed that these economic policies would spur the economy and put people back to work, the pair of economists noted that they actually prolonged the Great Depression by seven years.

Rather than stopping to realize that his shitty economic policies haven’t worked, no matter how well-intentioned he and his administration say they are, and they are creating less economic opportunity for young people as well as pretty much everyone else, President Obama wants to double down on them.

President Obama wants to remake the economy more in the mold of a European welfare state, and all the burdens that it brings. Think about that for a moment. The day before Americans will celebrate the spirit of 1776 — independence from an oppressive monarch — this president wants create a state of dependence. That’s not “economic patriotism” as much as it is economic stupidity.

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