And then they came for the delicious cheeseburger: Climate alarmists want to take beef off the menu


Ron White, whom you may remember from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, once talked about a friend who railed against the raising of cattle because it was bad for the environment. “What are you doing to help the environment?” the friend asked, according to White, to which the comedian replied, “I’m eatin’ the cows.”

It makes for a hilarious joke in a comedy routine. But there are actually people out there who want people to swear off beef because, they suggest, it’s harmful our health and bad for the environment. Jayson Lusk, a professor at Oklahoma State University, explains the thinking of these radical environmentalists:

The documentary film “Cowspiracy,” released this week in select cities, builds on the growing cultural notion that the single greatest environmental threat to the planet is the hamburger you had for lunch the other day. As director Kip Andersen recently told the Source magazine: “A lot of us are waking up and realizing we can choose to either support all life on this planet or kill all life on this planet, simply by virtue of what we eat day in and day out. One way to eat takes life, while another spares as many lives (plant, animal and otherwise) as possible.”

James McWilliams, vegan author of the 2013 book “The Politics of the Pasture,” argues that modern agricultural, and the cattle industry in particular, are part of a global food-supply system so damaging that the only moral solution is to give up eating meat entirely.
Environmental nutritionists argue that the social and environmental costs of meat production—obesity, chronic disease, the production of green-house gases such as methane, etc.—are not reflected in prices at the grocery store or restaurant. “The big-ticket externalities are carbon generation and obesity,” New York Times columnist Mark Bittman recently wrote. He argues that beef prices don’t reflect these externalities and that “industrial food has manipulated cheap prices for excess profit at excess cost to everyone.”
We would never trust a group of experts to set the price of beef, milk or automobiles. We rely on a decentralized marketplace to aggregate disparate information unknown to any single person or expert committee. And yet there is a belief among some that public-health experts can accurately divine a single true and just cost for a hamburger that will help prevent the melting of the polar ice caps and save millions of lives and billions of dollars in health-care costs.

Needless to say, Lusk doubts the arguments put forward by environmentalists, noting that the share of greenhouse gases produced by cattle is low compared to other parts of the world. He also explains that higher beef prices lead to more cases of anemia.

The radical environmentalist Left doesn’t just want to increase the cost of energy through regulations proposed and implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency, they also want to get involved with what you put on your dinner table or what you eat when you visit a local restaurant.

And for the future of the cheeseburger…from our cold, dead hands!

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