NYT Laments America Doesn’t Love Obama Enough


Writing recently in the New York Times, Timothy Egan praises the “accomplishments” of the Obama administration, and laments that Obama has not been an effective cheerleader for his “successes”, and berates the American people for their inability to see Obama’s brilliance, mainly because “Much of the country is now more openly intolerant, quick to hate and nasty…a home for xenophobes, defeatists and alarmists.”

Get that? The same people who once voted for Obama, cheered for Obama, gave money to Obama, praised his election as “historic” and “transformational”, are now racists and hate-mongers because they expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that Obama’s record has fallen far, far short of his rhetoric.

Yes, Obama’s presidency has been “consequential” alright, in a “you’ve been a very bad boy and now you will suffer the consequences” kind of way. Egan notes the unemployment rate under Obama is down to 5%, lower than it was under Reagan, which is true as far as it goes, but he fails to note that it is ONLY that low because tens of millions of Americans have given up looking for work and no longer count against the U-3 “headline” unemployment rate. He also fails to note that the workforce participation rate is the lowest it has been since the Carter malaise, or that median family income is down almost $5,000 since Obama took office, or that the economic recovery under Obama is the worst since the Great Depression. Part-time and temp jobs have skyrocketed because of the ObamaCare mandates and his anti-business, anti-growth policies. In 2013, fully 77 PERCENT of all new jobs were PART-TIME. More than 45 million Americans are now on food stamps, a stunning 63% increase since the peak of the recession.

The article notes that Obama was handed a bad economy, which is true, but fails to note that it got WORSE after his policies were implemented. Obama said that without the passage of the so-called “stimulus” package, unemployment would reach 8%, yet AFTER the nearly $1 TRILLION stimulus package was passed; unemployment jumped to 10 PERCENT, and averaged 9.2% over his first term.

The article also talks about the deficit, as if Obama has worked wonders here. He ignores the fact that the SMALLEST deficit under Obama has been LARGER that the LARGEST deficit under Bush (and Bush’s largest deficit came under a Democrat-controlled Congress). Obama once called George W. Bush “irresponsible” and “unpatriotic” for racking up $4 trillion in new debt, but Obama has far more than doubled that. The national debt will have more than doubled by the time Obama leaves office, with precious little to show for it other than the expansion of government.

It is laughable to claim that Obama has tried to sweep away racial barriers. He has stoked racial fires at every opportunity. The writer is dead-on when he says that “[Obama] was never very good at hiding his condescension for Republican leaders”, yet ignores his own statement and blames the GOP for the non-existent working relationship. It was Obama who refused to work with the GOP from the start, telling them that they had to ride at the “back of the bus”, refusing to meet with GOP leaders for the first two years because he didn’t need their votes.

It is likewise laughable to brag that Obama has done anything to improve healthcare, much less has “given” it to 17 million people, when the reality is that ObamaCare has forced millions out of private healthcare and into Medicaid. It has caused a sharp rise in premiums and deductibles, a sharp drop in accessibility as thousands and thousands of doctors refuse to take ObamaCare plans, and even the much lauded exchanges have seen more than half of them go bankrupt.

The global “climate change” pact is meaningless and non-binding. It is a feel-good piece of nothingness that will not change a thing. We HAD the strongest military in the world before Obama slashed hundreds of thousands of military jobs, cancelled weapons programs, and turned it into a grand social experiment for the sexually deviant and biologically confused, rather than as a finely-tuned fighting machine.

Egan praises Obama for his honest introspection during his final State of the Union, where Obama expressed that one of the greatest regrets of his presidency is that the “rancor and suspicion between the parties has gotten worse instead of better”, but failed to note that Obama then engaged in mockery, condescension, and denigration towards those who oppose his policies. This has been Obama’s habit from his first day in office.

In short, Obama’s presidency has been an utter disaster by any objective measure, and the only transformation he’s responsible for have made our country poorer, weaker, and more divided. Obama stayed true to his word that he would “fundamentally transform” America, but it is doubtful that the vast majority who were so inspired by Obama’s feel-good but empty platitudes, those intoxicated with the vague but enthusiastic mantra’s of “hope and change”, the non-sensical “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for” declarations, could have envisioned the devastation that would be the result of his ineptitude, arrogance, and inexperience.

New York Times writers may still engage in such delusions, but Americans have shown that they are no longer buying what he is selling. As even liberal “journalist” Chuck Todd was forced to admit, Obama has devastated the Democrat Party. In the seven years of the Obama administration, the Democrats have lost 13 Senate seats, 69 House seats, a dozen governorships, 30 legislative chambers, and nearly 1,000 state legislative seats to the Republicans.

The waning days of the Obama presidency remind me of a scene from one of my all-time favorite movies, “The Hunt for Red October”, based on the novel by Tom Clancy. Towards the end of the movie, the bulk of the Russian naval fleet is desperately trying to hunt down and destroy the Red October, a new class of submarine with a propulsion system that makes it run virtually silent, and therefore a devastating first strike weapon against the United States. Captain Marco Ramius, having seen the tyranny and brutality of Russia, hand-selects a loyal command staff for the maiden voyage of the new submarine, with the intent to defect and turn it over to the Americans.

In a tense, underwater dogfight the Konovalov, another Russian sub captained by a man trained by, but not loyal to Ramius, has taken off the safeties from its torpedoes after his first attempts to sink Ramius failed because the torpedoes had not traveled far enough to arm. In a deadly game of chicken, an American sub intercepts the path of the torpedoes so they hone onto them, and then the American sub captain curls around and comes directly over the top of the Konovalov. In the final seconds before the torpedoes slam into the Konovalov, the XO turns to the captain who was driven by hatred of Ramius and a desire to destroy him, and says “You arrogant ass. You’ve killed US!”

Obama may not have killed the Democrat Party, but it is inarguable that he has devastated his own party by his relentless pursuit of his far-left agenda, his divisive rhetoric, and his miserable record of “achievement”. Arrogant ass indeed.

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