“So it may be conservatism’s lot to return to the wilderness” ~ Noah Rothman

Expect the conversation regarding who is truly conservative to heat up in the coming weeks. Noah Rothman has a fantastic piece at Commentary about Trump and his brand of “conservatism” and how, while conservatives have been here before, there is reason for concern but not despair:

It’s easy for Republicans who know quite well that Trump is not conservative, and barely even pretends to be one, to indulge despair. That’s a bit self-indulgent. Conservatism has known the wilderness before. While there have been popular conservatives, conservatism properly understood is not popular. The vehicle through which conservatives achieve political power – the Republican Party — may be well and truly euthanized in the event of a Trump nomination, but the ideology to which its most effective politicians adhere will not be so easily put down.

Trump supporters have been vocal (not unfairly) that the GOP — specifically their unwillingness to work for the good of the people, to listen to the demands of the voter, to fulfill the promises they made to their constituencies once elected — gave rise to Donald Trump. The irony is that the riseof Donald Trump may be what returns conservatism — if not the Republican party — back to its roots.

Marco Rubio, for his part, has received endorsements over the last few days that will highlight the other side of the debate, namely: does being a Republican automatically make you a member of the establishment?

Tonight’s vote in Nevada looks to be that much more telling. Meanwhile, here’s just a little bit of what’s at stake:

The latest international sanctions on North Korea, a response to recent nuclear and rocket tests, are meant to add to the pressure on the country to drop its weapons programs. But in Pyongyang, leader Kim Jong Un has called for launching more rockets.

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