Never means never


There was a glowing, arrogant consensus among smug Trump supporters yesterday, after RNC delegates officially nominated him to be president. #NeverTrump, the movement among conservatives and libertarians who vowed to never support the candidate, for many, varied, and sundry reasons, was through.

Wow wrong. Someone needs to be reminded what the word “never” means.


Never. Not ever. Not even once.

#NeverTrump began in the Republican primary as an effort to deny Trump the nomination, once it became apparent that the polls were right and he was cruising toward it. It was by definition not designed to end there.

Many Trump opponents during primary season have since surrendered and endorsed or vowed to at least vote for him reluctantly. These people weren’t really #NeverTrump. The rest of us still are. And never means never.


Some will vote for Gary Johnson, some for Hillary Clinton, some will write-in their preferred conservative, some will leave the presidential ballot blank, and some won’t vote at all. In any case, never means never. We will never vote for Donald Trump for president. Never. Not sure how much clearer it can be.


UPDATE: Ted Cruz appears to have all but joined #NeverTrump officially with his shocking speech to the RNC last night in which he declined to endorse Trump and instead implored Republicans to vote their conscience. Far from the movement ending this week, Cruz’s move may have just reinvigorated it.

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