A Muslim Ban by Any Other Name


Please, literally any other name…

What would you call a law that prohibited the use of the seven most common hunting rifles and handguns for safety reasons but exempted knives? An honest person would call it a gun ban.

What would you call an order under Obamacare that banned seven different types of meat for health reasons but exempted tofu and fish? An honest person would call it a meat ban.

What would you call an order by China that prohibits visitors from the United States and six other majority Christian nations but specifically exempts non-Christians from those nations? An honest person would call it a Christian ban.

But if the President of the United States orders a 4-month halt on visas from seven majority Muslim nations but specifically exempts non-Muslims from those nations, everyone to the right of Lindsay Graham is apoplectic if you say it’s banning Muslims.

And that’s what it does. Period.

A Muslim ban does not have to ban all Muslims or even say the word “Muslim” to do so. The “assault weapons ban” signed by Bill Clinton exempted all guns owned before it was enacted and many new guns based on other criteria. We still call it an assault weapons ban.

Trump suggested on multiple occasions throughout the campaign that he would ban Muslims if elected. His supporters applauded the idea, and many still support it. I’m sure the 50% of voters who supported a total ban on Muslims 6 months ago are totally different from the 49% who now support the narrow one.

Rudy Giuliani exposed the effort for what it is by saying Trump asked him how to do a Muslim ban legally. He apparently followed that advice and is doing it now, possibly legally, but probably not. Even if done legally, it’s still a Muslim ban. It literally only bans Muslims. I thought words mean things.

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