2012 Elections: Forget the President, It’s Congress That Matters

It appears that the 2012 race for President is all but set. Mitt Romney will very likely win the Republican nomination and he will face Barack Obama in November. For those of us concerned about restoring liberty, the rule of law and the  Constitution, and getting a grips on our debt and economic crisis; this is not a joyous prospect. Neither man has a record of leadership on those issues and in fact, both men have proven time and time again to be advocates of more government, more spending, and more debt. No matter who is elected President, I’m not optimistic that our serious issues, especially concerning the debt and the economy will be addressed. We need to look elsewhere to at least hold the tide against more spending and more debt. We need to really pour our energies into the Congressional elections and electing more Constitutional conservatives and libertarians.

Every even numbered year, we have the chance to change the entire makeup of the House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate. Imagine what kind of difference we can make if we elected Constituional conservative majority in the House and give Jim DeMint, Tom Coburn, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee some more company in the Senate this go around. The only way to do that is get involved. Find a Constitutional conservative candidate in the primaries and back them and volunteer for them. If there isn’t one in your district, consider running yourself. Granted, it maybe too late in many states to do this for 2012, but consider it for 2014.

Why is Congress more important than the President? Because, according to the Constitution, that is where all legislation is crafted and passed. It is also the place where budgets (back when we actually had them) were agreed to and money was spent. The President is supposed to have very limited powers, but it has been allowed to expand its powers because Congress has failed to do its job for nearly 80 years and ceded more and more powers to the Executive Branch. The first acts of a Constitutional conservative majority in Congress need to be to uphold its powers under the Constitution and reassert itself as the only branch of the government that makes law. All the Executive Branch does is sign or veto the legislation and then enforce it, not create law by executive fiat through regulations from unaccountable bureaucrats.

In order the change the path our country is on, we have to change Congress. We have to get rid of the earmarkers, the porkers, the spendaholics, the nannies, the statists, the crooks, and the other trash who infest it. Then and only then, can we start saving our country.

2012 will not be the end, the beginning of the end, or even the end of the beginning of the fight to restore liberty to our country. It will only be the beginning of a process that will take place over many election cycles to roll back the size and scope of the bi-partisan progressive state. We have to get in the battlefield using our best talents given to us by God and get in this fight to free our country. More importantly, we have to get in the battlefield where we can do the most damage to the enemy and press home our attack, that is in the fight for Congress.

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