NRA Endorses McCain, Despite His Anti-2nd-Amendment Record

This week the National Rifle Association, universally considered one of the nation’s most powerful political institutions, endorsed Senator John McCain for President, a decision that has to leave many of its members scratching their heads. Whether or not you support the right of an individual to keep and bear arms, you have to question the reasoning behind the endorsement, given the specific candidate and the current political outlook.

Article excerpt from NRA’s Political Magazine “America’s1st Freedom” - June 2001

“Like to think your opinion counts? Under the guise of reforming election funding, Sen. John McCain and others are attempting to muzzle your voice concerning critical national issues—including the Second Amendment.”…. “McCain was led down a path by a Senate Democratic leadership that is doing all it can to keep the super-senator beholden….[T]hey want a Senate Majority of radical Democrats, who would prove an unprecedented threat to the Second Amendment. John McCain is their Judas goat—leading the sheep to slaughter.”…. “The gun control debate in Washington has hit center stage because Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., has now become one of the premier flag carriers for the enemies of the Second Amendment.”

NRA Member Email Endorsing McCain, October 2008

Sen. John McCain has a decades-long record of opposing gun bans, ammunition bans, waiting periods, predatory lawsuits against firearm manufacturers, and restrictions on our hunting heritage. And Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is an NRA Life member, life-long gun owner, hunter, and staunch Second Amendment supporter.

Does the NRA believe their members are idiots who do not remember anything beyond a few of months ago? Assuming that a vast majority of their members are capable of reading, members should not accept such a dramatic turnaround without extensive explanation (which was not given). Though the NRA is wordsmithing their statements on the “new McCain” quite well, millions of their members hopefully will see right through this institution-created fog.

Does the NRA not see the handwriting on the wall? The path to a McCain Presidency is growing so very narrow as to almost assume an Obama Inaugeration come January. If they do see the obvious, then why endorse a loser? If you are going to sacrifice your principles by endorsing a candidate you only believe is the lesser of two evils, then at least make sure your candidate has a greater chance of victory. A politically-savvy organization might indeed sacrifice their principles and jump on the McCain bandwagon and make sure their voice was heard in the next Administration, but only if that wagon was moving. If you are going to endorse a losing candidate at least choose your own board member, the Libertarian Party candidate, Bob Barr, who has a lifetime rating of A+.

Sorry Chris Cox, stupid decision.

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