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The Change Gauge: Bailouts for Auto Companies

changegaugelogoLast week, President-elect Obama held a press conference, flanked by members of his economic advisory team, to discuss the federal government’s response to recent economic weakening.

The item that appeared highest on the new administraton’s agenda was the proposed bailout package for Detroit’s “Big 3” automakers.

As this Bloomberg article explains,

Introducing “The Change Gauge”

As part of my contribution to United Liberty, I plan to write an ongoing column called “The Change Gauge.”

The purpose of the column will be straightforward: to systematically highlight instances where Obama administration policies are not changes from the status quo, but rather “more of the same.”

While I have little doubt that President Obama will support many policies that differ from those of the Bush administration, I think it’s valuable for readers – liberal, conservative, and libertarian alike – to be aware of policies that harmfully perpetuate the status quo.

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