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5 out of 6 Ain’t Bad, Right?

Back in February of 2009 I wrote an article about Obama’s War.  At that time, we didn’t know what country it would be, but we do now: Libya.  So, how did I do?

  1. Percieved threat where there is no actual threat.  Commit an invasion where no harm has been done to us directly.  Yep
  2. Enforce UN resolutions.  Yep
  3. To remove a dictator.  Yep
  4. Establish/Spread democracy.  Yep
  5. Mercantilism.  (Secure oil or other natural resources) Yep
  6. False flag event.  Nope
One point about number 3.  If the President says we’re not going to remove him directly, we are in the process of removing him indirectly, by providing cover (no-fly zone) for the rebels.  We could care less about the humanitarian disaster.  All you have to do is look at Syria and Yemen to see the governments there murdering their protestors.

5 out of 6 ain’t bad, right?

Stalemate? More like Checkmate.

I’ve heard several news reporters refer to the protests occuring in Wisconsin as a Stalemate, since Democrat legislators left the state to prevent a qourum to vote on a bill which would help balance the state’s budget.  But describing it as a Stalemate is innacurate.

A Stalemate is when two sides cannot agree on legislation in order for it to pass.  In this case, there is consensus, and the votes to pass a bill.  So, the Democrats aren’t in a Stalemate with Republicans, they’re in a Checkmate and refusing to make the last move, by allowing a vote on a bill they oppose.

It appears Democrats aren’t opposed to a government shutdown afterall.

Facebook Privacy - An Oxymoron (Part 3)

Just when you think Facebook can’t sell you out even more, they make a permissions change which does.  (This was released on their developer blog - essentially in the dark of night):

We are now making a user’s address and mobile phone number accessible as part of the User Graph object.

Every time you add a new app to your profile or grant access to an app they can request that you make your address and cell available.  How many people stop and actually read the text of the permissions pop-up?  Few, if any.


Want to be reassured?

As a reminder, the access and use of this data is governed by our Platform Policies which we recommend you review periodically.

As if that hasn’t been violated before.

Don’t feel comfortable, you’re not among “friends”.

Nice negotiating, Mr. President

The START Treaty was ratified in the Lame Duck session of Congress and hailed by the MSM as a major political win for the Obama Administration.  Various Republicans, including Mitch McConnell and John McCain opposed the Treaty saying the Russians would use it to limit the development of our missile defense system.  Democrats, led by John Kerry, said the preamble was no cause for concern and would in no way limit missile defense.

Turns out the Democrats are very wrong on that point.

The Russian lawmakers insist that all the chapters of the treaty including the preamble are legally binding, which is a common norm of international law. It is not lawful to take certain provisions and to give them unilateral interpretations like the American senators do, Alexei Arbatov, a member of the Carnegie Scientific Council, says.

We said that the entire treaty, the preamble and the articles have the same judicial force. This is logical and this is right.

The Russians do want to use it to limit our missile defense.

Obama will find it even harder for Republicans to take him at his word now.  Nice negotiating, Mr. President.

Senator Calls Lame Duck Session “Rigged”

Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado is caught speaking on the floor complaining “It’s all rigged” relating to the legislation being brought forward during the lame duck session of congress.  No surprise there.

Islam vs Free Speech (Round 3)

I’m going to say that Round 1 was everyobody draw Muhammed day.  Round 2 is the Cordoba House.  Round 3 is the no-name pastor from FL who threatened to burn some Korans.

I’m not going to keep score, that will be decided by history, but am I right in assuming that Islam is opposed to Free Speech?  We are seeing again and again how Muslims around the world threaten violence and take violent action when Westerners exercise Free Speech.  I’d even go so far to say that it’s American to be offensive and get offended.

I wanted to share several quotes from a well written article on, where Liam Fox analyzes the offensive actions of Free Speech and their affects.

When demonstrations started in Indonesia, the President of that country, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, called President Obama and requested that he intervene and stop the planned burning of the Korans in Gainesville, Florida. American and NATO embassies were threatened by angry mobs. Rather than hold the protesters in his own country accountable for their violent and destructive actions, the chosen strategy was to ask the President of the United States to require one of his citizens to adhere to Islamic law. No one asked what President Yudhoyono did, or said, to have his citizens take responsibility for their own reaction.

The principle that offence trumps the right of expression is the foundation of the censorship that allows blasphemy laws. The fact that the restriction is imposed by society on itself, because of a sense of fear, creates an even greater chance that such an injustice may take hold and become institutionalized.

What would past U.S. Presidents say to number 44?

A reference to a modern day “Forgotten Man”.

The title is a reference to a radio address by FDR.  Here’s a cartoon depicting it.

The Forgotten Man

Be sure to visit the site:

The November Election: RINO’s and Democrats Beware

The Democrats are going to lose, but the Republicans aren’t going to win.

There’s been a feud going on inside the Republican Party since 2007 and the issue of fiscal responsibility is finally center stage for most Americans.  This is unlike the feud of 1994, that so many in the Republican establishment hope it is.  The 1994 feud was lost by the fiscal Conservatives and gave a rebirth to Neocons and RINO’s for 12 years.

Now, in 2010, the leaderless Tea Party movement has the attention of political pundits everywhere.  Democrats don’t understand the grassroots movement and the Republican establishment is afraid of it because of what it represents: political accountability.  As Jason noted, we now have five Tea Party candidates who have secured GOP nominations for U.S. Senate.

As Jim DeMint says

These candidates are leaders in their own right.

What I’m interested in is turning this country away from its fiscal cliff — and for the first time since Reagan, I think that we have a chance for real action, not just political posturing.

And Dick Armey

[L]et us be clear about one thing: The tea party movement is not seeking a junior partnership with the Republican Party, but a hostile takeover of it.

When Republicans retake the Senate majority they may have to deal with the Tea Party and the fact that they don’t really have a majority.  I, myself, want to see a RINO and a Tea Party Senator arguing on the floor.  People need to see the duopoly for what it is, and infighting in the Republican Party will show that.

I’ll leave you with my prediction for the November election:

What’s good for Republicans is bad for Republicans

Republicans are looking to take over the House and even the possibly the Senate this election cycle, trying to capitalize on a range of issues the Democrats are seen as wrong on.  One of those issues is Immigration.

Republicans have seen a growing amount of Hispanic support in recent elections, an estimated 40% - 44% voted for President Bush in 2004, but the publicity of the Arizona law threatens to turn that around.  While as many as 55% of Americans support the Arizona law, 71% Hispanics do not.

If this perception that holds that Republicans are hostile towards immigrants, it could take as many as three generations for Hispanics to return to the Republican party in large numbers.

California Republicans and the June 8th Primary

California Republicans believe their best chance at keeping the Govornor’s Mansion and taking the Senate seat is with two Women who have very successful business careers.  This is a good strategy.  At a time when budget deficits are on the minds of many Americans, successful CEO’s who know how to run a profitable business will have as good a chance as any at getting elected.

Although I voted for Steve Poisner and Chuck DeVore, I could easily vote for Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina in November.

It was a low voter turnout, with 80.9% of precincts reporting, only 22.2% of California voters came out to the polls. (as of 2:08am PDT 6/9/10)

Regretfully, Proposition 14 passed.  This will make it much more difficult for 3rd parties to make it onto the ballot.  Now, only the top two vote winning candidates will appear on the ballot in the general election.  Thanks to this measure, you cannot vote for a write in candidate outside of a primary.  It could also lead to two Republicans or two Democrats on the ballot for most State and Federal races (excluding the Presidential race).

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