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Congrats, B.J. Lawson!

Congratulations to B.J. Lawson, a friend of UL, on winning the Republican nomination in North Carolina’s Fourth Congressional District.

B.J. will move on to face Rep. David Price, a Democrat from Chapel Hill, in November.

You can listen to Brett’s podcast with B.J. here.

Podcast: Liberty Candidate - William “BJ” Lawson (North Carolina’s 4th District)

Continuing our “Liberty Candidate Series” of interviews, Brett talks with UL’s own William “BJ” Lawson, discussing his 2010 race for the GOP nomination to face incumbent David Price again in November.  Lawson is running with a message of “Peace, Prosperity, & Liberty,” focusing on stimulating job growth through tax cuts, reducing the size and scope of the federal government, reforming the federal regulations burdening American businesses, reducing spending to a level that restores a fiscal balance, restoring trust in government, and empowering local decisions on education.

You can download the podcast here. The introduction music is “Silence is Violence” by the always lovely Aimee Allen.

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B.J. Lawson for Congress

Our own B.J. Lawson has announced plans to seek the Republican nomination in North Carolina’s Fourth Congressional District. Lawson was the GOP nominee in 2008 and was edged out by incumbent Democrat, Rep. David Price.

Check out Lawson’s website, which is powered by NetBoots, and follow the campaign on Twitter and Facebook. Send him a few bucks, if you can.

We hope to be chatting with him on a podcast soon.

Can the GOP Come Back?

Think about it! Four years ago, the Republican Party held the White House and both houses of Congress. Now, the Democrats have won the Presidency by a sizable margin, gained additional seats in the majority Democratic House, and could possibly hold a sixty-vote majority in the Senate—large enough to end any Republican initiated filibuster.

First of all, consider the magnitude of the Republican loss. What support shifted from four years ago?

“Battle Lines Drawn in North Carolina”

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According to Al Jazeera, North Carolina could possibly be headed into the blue column. I think the conservative voter they interview in this video is a microcosm of the average American conservative who is unenthused by the characters popping out of today’s Republican Party.

Lawson for Congress: Winning it the Right Way

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BJ’s poll workers give him an update on the latest happenings during early voting, how voters are responding to his message, and the low-down, dirty trick one of Price’s supporters played.

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Working Hard at Night at the Lawson for Congress HQ

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The Lawson for Congress team is hard at work, making sure that B J Lawson , aka “Ron Paul, Jr.”, gives incumbent Democrat, David Price, a run for his money.

Lawson for Congress: At the Polls

We are making this happen, and this last week of early voting will be critical.

First, thank you to everyone who contributed to take our campaign to this level, and signed on to help call voters and raise needed funds.

However, we’re at a critical decision point. The Constitutions have been going faster than expected at the polls, and we have a fantastic new mailer that needs to go out by Tuesday.

David Price Now Calling Ron Paul and BJ Lawson “Dangerous George Bush Followers”

You know it’s getting close when a 20-year incumbent needs to attack his opponent, and his political ideology, head on. Anyone who’s in office for that long should be able to stand on the merits of his own record, rather than launching attacks. Here is an excerpt from a letter that he recently sent out to his supporters.

The Cry of a Strawman

The discussion between Dr. Lawson and Congressman Price at the TROSA forum on October 13 was an interesting one, to say the least.  The Durham Herald Sun wrote an particularly fascinating report on the discussion between the two candidates on drug-related issues:

Lawson and Price sparred over issues including health care and law enforcement, especially enforcement of drug laws.

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