Palin May Lift More than McCain in November

Since the selection of Palin and the subsequent slashing of the enthusiasm void among Republicans, the dynamics for November are sure to change in more than just the Presidential election. With the entire political establishment in an uproar, the grassroots in a much improved state of glee, and liberals running scared because of her success, Sarah Palin is changing the entire state of the ‘system’ right before our eyes. This mix of enthusiasm and curiosity may wear off before November 4th, but as for now she is the hottest thing on the wish list for Republican Congressmen, especially those engaged in fierce struggles to maintain their incumbency. The, one of the more influential DC politico papers, is reporting on her demand - and how there is not enough Sarah to go around.

Lone Star State, Lone Presidential Candidate?

Yesterday, Ballot Access News reported that BOTH the Republicans and Democrats had missed the filing deadline for their candidates, John McCain (presumptive) and Barack Obama (official), in the state of Texas. Late in the afternoon, after many third party watch groups and blogs reported the story and the Bob Barr campaign sent out a press release to all of his supporters, Fort Worth’s Star-Telegram political blog, PoliTex, reported that “[b]oth parties filed before the deadline. We expect their amended filings after both parties finish their nominating process at the conventions,” according to the Texas Secretary of State’s spokesperson, Ashley Burton. The website for the Secretary of State’s General Election candidates also displays a blank where one would anticipate seeing John McCain and Barack Obama, along with their respective running mates.


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